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Cable new rules may affect our cable export abroad

Electric wire electric cable outside the new rules may influence to our country wire and cable is now China's wire and cable industry measurement, standards, the threshold low quality is not qualified rate and so on. Recently, the Brazilian national metrology, standardization and industrial quality bureau (INMETRO) for wire and cable products formulated the new mandatory qualification assessment requirements, the new rules is likely to exports to mainland China and Hong Kong.

According to the new rules, to export to the domestic wire and cable products must before June 7, 2014, reaching a new qualified certification requirements, and since December 7, 2014, importers and manufacturers will not be allowed to sell do not conform to the requirements of related products.

Brazil is China's important trade partner in South America region, Brazil's new qualified certification requirements, in ningbo area will impact related products to Brazil. The inspection and quarantine departments to remind related enterprise:

One is to know as soon as the new conformity certification requirements, and actively respond. Enterprises should organize staff to study importer relevant laws and regulations, and according to the new requirements in a timely manner to adjust production raw material and production process.

Second is to improve the enterprise quality system, strengthening the construction of self-check self-control. Timely revision procedure documents and working instruction document content, will be required in a timely manner to carry out the new regulations to relevant files, and strengthen the quality control of the export products, ensure the smooth export the products with good quality.

Three is to strengthen the inspection and quarantine departments and related laboratory cooperation, timely in accordance with the importer standards with appropriate qualifications entrusted by the laboratory for testing, make our products conform to the requirements of the new qualified certification. Brazil for wire and cable products new qualified evaluation rules will certainly to cause the attention of other countries, our country will be a series of reform of the electric wire electric cable companies.

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