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Wire and cable industry market status quo analysis of the future development trend of foresight

Although China's wire and cable industry has experienced more than 20 years, has been a rapid development, but is still not out of the strange circle of big but not strong, and the world first-class enterprise are still a big gap compared. At present, China's wire and cable industry, the proportion of foreign companies have quite. Existence of wire and cable industry concentration degree is low, enterprise quantity and small scale, economies of scale is far from enough, lack of capacity for independent innovation and product structural contradiction, and many other problems. With the development of science and technology and national policy support, market capacity, wire and cable industry keep growing at a speed of more than 8% each year.

One, the special cable is still in short supply on the market for the increasing demand of special cable, but the domestic cable companies have little ability to undertake the market demand. Limited by technology level and the scale of production of a variety of reasons, led to the gap in the market. Due to the special cable threshold is higher, higher margin, competition is more moderate, combined with the special cable need to conform to the special environment and special occasions, the special cable will be a "darling" of the future market.

Second, wire and cable industry raw material price fluctuations large reported that China's wire and cable market is very chaotic, especially domestic outfit with wire. Say, main show is inside this brand is numerous, the price difference is big, quality is uneven.

Three, a glut on the low end of the wire and cable for a long time, the domestic cable industry surface scenery at the same time, there are still many ills, although on the scale continues to grow, but the scale atrophy most of enterprises, innovation ability, immersed in the low-end in the field of price war. Wire and cable industry's overall profitability less than 5% pure a buyer's market lead to cable enterprise financial problems, many enterprises even facing bankruptcy. Wire and cable industry in our country at present stage glaring problems of product structure is more than ordinary cable products supply, high-end products in short supply, structural contradiction in products. Industry experts introduced: wire and cable industry in China is facing a good development opportunity, wire and cable industry enterprises should strengthen the independent innovation ability raise, increasing investment in research and development of new product performance, facing restructuring, shuffle the deck. Improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, and further to grab market share.

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