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Count cable companies of the four strategic development direction

2015 Chinese wire and cable industry conference "and" 2015 China international cable industry exhibition "was held in Shanghai. During the meeting, the expert inside course of study combined with cable industry chain layout situation of listed companies, analyzes the strategic development direction of the cable industry.

1. The cable materials: cable material is an important factor to determine cable quality and features, several cables to the upstream cable materials industry of listed companies, including environmental protection, new material type cable materials, such as graphene cable.

2. Production: cable listed company products are mainly concentrated in the traditional cable sectors such as electricity, rail transportation and pv, but in the past two years, the listed company expanding charging cable, power cable, submarine cable and cable of aeronautics and astronautics and other special cable.

3. The cable sales: under the tide of "Internet +", layout of power cable listed companies electric business platform, including energy investments in the far east business wisdom treasure network technology co., LTD., etc.

Part 4. Service: cable through mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to quickly cut into the downstream involved, construction link, the transformation of production service cable enterprise thereby.

5. The downstream industry: several cable listed companies on the basis of the original cable industry, extending to the downstream industry, involving charging pile, power transmission and transformation equipment, wind power equipment, such as wind power in various fields.

According to the cable industry chain layout situation of listed companies, the cable of the listed company mainly has four major strategic development direction, root root respectively technology, market, technology and market and the diversification development strategy.

Root: 1. The upstream technology main special cable, take technical commanding heights, is part of the cable of the listed company strategic direction. For example, the optical cable will take leadership development strategy is put forward, sustaining technological advantage and leading position in market competition.

Root root 2. Market: downstream market, into the customer value chain, the system solution service provider. Such as the Oriental cable development set design, research, production, sales, construction, installation and technical services in a body's specialized submarine cable system integration suppliers; The strategic objective of energy is wisdom energy, wisdom, city system service provider.

3. The technology and market: star cable to special cable as the core, supported by technology innovation, focus on industry cutting-edge technologies, increasing r&d input, preempt the technical commanding heights. As the largest and most powerful domestic special cable industry comprehensive solution provider.

4. Diversification: Mr Mohn electric put forward special wire and cable manufacturing as the core, the steady development of financing lease, commercial factoring such as financial services, supply chain layout and new energy, new industries, such as the Internet.

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